What to Recycle

Knowing and practicing these 3 simple rules will help aid you in recycling the proper way. And it will help ensure your items are being recycled and reused for a better purpose. 

✔Recycle bottles, cans, paper and cardboard✔

 ✖Keep food and liquids out of your recycling✖

✖No loose plastic bags and no bagged recyclables✖

You’d be amazed how big an impact just following these simple rules can have!


Let's talk about what CAN go into your curbside Waste Management blue bin and HOW.

  • Clean paper and cardboard
    • Flattened cardboard (limit 2x2), newspaper, magazines, catalogs, phonebooks, paperback books, mail (plastic window envelopes ok), paper bags, food boxes
    • NO food soiled or wet paper (greasy pizza boxes)
    • NO shredded paper (it is difficult to separate and it gets caught in machine)
  • Paper food containers
    • Empty and clean paper cups, cartons, and boxes
    • Nothing plastic lined (hot coffee cups) or waxy (frozen food like ice cream cartons)
  • Aluminum and tin cans
    • Cans need to be empty and rinsed clean
  • Plastics
    • ONLY PETE#1 and HDPE#2 plastics (each item is labeled)
    • Bottle with screw off lids preferred, clear or opaque green ONLY.
    • DO NOT put small plastic lids in the recycling, they should be thrown away.

Let's talk about things you DO NOT place in your curbside bin.

  • Glass
  • Plastic grocery bags & plastic wraps
    • Recycle grocery bags & plastic wraps at local grocery stores

If you have any further questions go here: Where to Recycle 

or Call 509-888-6612.