Voters’ Pamphlet Profile Instructions

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If you filed for Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) you will not need to submit a voters’ pamphlet statement or photo. PCO candidates do not appear in the voters’ pamphlet.

The deadline to submit Voters’ Pamphlet information is 5 p.m. on Friday, May 26, 2023. No submissions or corrections after the deadline.

All communication between your campaign and the elections office will be via the candidate email address and not the public campaign email.

When the elections office approves your filing, you will receive a notification to submit your Voters’ Pamphlet information. This email will contain a unique access link to submit your statement and photo. Statements are not publicly available until after the submission deadline.

If you wish to submit a statement, you must submit it before the deadline. Candidates that go directly to the General Election do not receive another opportunity to submit or edit a submitted profile.

Please prepare the following:

  • Photograph
  • Biography (four headings)
  • Statement
  • Campaign contact information

voter pamphlet sample
pamphlet profile


You may submit one photograph of your head and shoulders. No photograph may include hats, buttons, or clothing showing words, insignia, or symbols. Clothing or insignias that suggest holding a public office are not acceptable (e.g., judicial robes, law enforcement or military uniforms). 

option 1Option 1:

 Upload a photo by selecting the Browse button.  This will open your file folder. Find and select your photo then select the Upload button. The photo should appear in the submission preview (lower right section of browser window).

option 2

Option 2: 

If you choose not to submit a photo, select the checkbox next to that option.



You may provide a 100-word biography. You must use the following headings, which do not count toward the word limit.

  • Elected Experience
  • Other Professional Experience
  • Education
  • Community Service

Each heading has a separated text box that counts toward the 100-word limit. You may write in the box or copy and paste.  Try the clipboard in the tool bar to open the pasting tool.




Candidate statements are limited to 200 words.

Candidate statements should only address campaign issues, plans, and ideas of the candidate. Statements shall not contain obscene, inappropriate or libelous language. Candidate statements shall not comment on or make any judgments about opponents or incumbents. The County Auditor has the authority to reject statements that are deemed inappropriate per RCW 29A.32.230.

Only italics will be used to emphasize words or phrases. Bolding, underlining, and ALL CAPS are not allowed. Tables, lists and bullets are not allowed.

The County Auditor’s Office will not correct errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation.

Candidates not submitting a statement will have “No statement submitted” printed in the local voters’ pamphlet.

number-4-md Campaign Contact Info

The campaign contact information you submitted with your declaration appears with your statement. You may review the information in the submission tool. 

  • Campaign phone number
  • Campaign email
  • Campaign website

Contact information does not count toward the word limits. Long addresses such as Facebook or blogs are not allowed. 




Review your information in the submission preview (lower right section of browser window).  Proofread carefully. Your statement and biography prints exactly as submitted. Changes after the submission deadline are not allowed

.Click Submit when ready.

After submission

Check your candidate (not campaign) email address for a confirmation of receipt about 15-30 minutes after you submit. 

Douglas County Election staff reviews all submissions for compliance before accepting the profile. This may take up to two weeks. 

You may not submit a new statement or corrections after the Primary.