2021 County Wide Crushing Project

Project Data

  • Project Number: ER21
  • Project Length: Spot locations
  • Construction Start: Spring 2021
  • Last Updated: February 4, 2021

For more information on this project contact Douglas County Transportation at 509-884-7173.

Vicinity Map

Project Description

The proposed work to be performed under this contract consists of crushing and stockpiling at Coyote Pit, Pit 3 SW, and Holcomb Quarry, for a total of 126,000 tons as follows:

  • Crush and Stockpile 90,000 tons of Crushed Surfacing Top Course; and 36,000 tons of Crushed Surfacing Base Course.

Project Status

This project was awarded to Seubert Excavators, Inc. at the bid price of $730,062.00.  Project will begin in the Spring of 2021.

Traffic Impacts


Bid Comparisons

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