Summer Litter Crew Program

If you find litter, please fill out this Litter Report Form so that we can take care of it, thank you!

Douglas County Solid Waste is now accepting applications for our 2022 Youth Summer Litter Crew Program. 


7:00AM - 3:00PM

The purpose of this Litter Control Program is to provide summer employment opportunities to students as well as increase the students’ awareness of the need for waste reduction, recycling and litter control.  


Applicants must meet all of the following requirements in order to be considered for summer employment.

Applicants:  Must be 14-18 years old and a full time student at a Chelan or Douglas County school on the first day of employment.

Availability:  Must be available to work a full work session.  Camps and vacations will be a consideration when selecting applicants and the time must be conveyed in the application. 

Social Security Card:   Must have a current Social Security card at the time of application.

Proof of Right to Work: Must provide documentation of either your United States citizenship or your legal right to work in the United States at the time of application.

Complete Applications:   Student must fill out the Douglas County Employment Application. All applications for employment must be legible, complete and signed. Incomplete or unreadable applications will not be accepted.

References:  Must provide at least two personal references and attach two signed School Reference Forms.    

Interviews:  All applicants must successfully complete an oral interview.  Failure to participate in the oral interview will disqualify the applicant from consideration for this season.


Douglas County Employment Applications must be legible, complete, signed, accompanied by two signed School Reference Forms, and be mailed or delivered before the May 12th deadline.  

No faxed applications will be accepted.  Once your application is determined to be complete, the Solid Waste Office will screen those applicants, which they believe should be interviewed for a possible summer litter crew position.  The screened applicants will be notified when they are scheduled for an interview.  It is required that all screened applicants participate in the interview process.  Hiring will be based on the interview results.  All selected summer litter crew will be notified by the Solid Waste Office as to when and where to report for work.  

This summer youth program is made possible through the Waste Reduction, Recycling and Model Litter Control Act.  It is funded through the Washington State Department of Ecology Community Litter Control Program.

Print and Complete the following Douglas County Student Employment Application and 2022 Litter Crew Application. Students also must have two school references in order to be considered. 

Completed applications may be dropped off Monday – Friday, 8a.m.-5p.m., or mailed to:

Douglas County Solid Waste Programs, 140 19th St. NW Suite B, East Wenatchee, WA 98802.

Application Links:  

Summer Youth Litter Crew Handbook