Victim Impact Statement Information

As the victim of this crime, you have the right to tell the sentencing Judge how this crime has impacted your life and what you believe would be an appropriate sentence. The Victim Impact Statement form (PDF) can be used to provide this information. Please attach additional pages if necessary. If you do not feel comfortable using this form, then please feel free to write a letter to the Judge that includes the information you want the Judge to consider. Whichever method you use, your statement will be provided to the Judge at sentencing, as well as the defense attorney.

Written Statement

It is suggested that the following types of information be included in your written statement:

  • Tell the Judge who you are and how you are a victim of the crime committed by the defendant(s). (If you are submitting the statement for the victim, then tell the Judge how you are related to the victim.)
  • Explain to the Judge the physical, emotional and/or psychological impacts this crime has had upon you and your family, including how the crime may have changed your lifestyle, relationships or career. (If you are writing on behalf of a victim or as a family member of the victim, describe the impacts on the victim that you have observed, and the impacts on you and the impacts on your family.)
  • Tell the Judge anything about you, the defendant(s) and the crime(s) that you believe the Judge should consider when entering a sentence, as well as what you believe is the appropriate sentence.

Submit the Statement

If you complete the enclosed Victim Impact Statement form or write a letter to the Judge, please send it to Ms. Gabriela Sanchez, Victim-Witness Coordinator, Douglas County Prosecutor's Office:
P.O. Box 360
Waterville, WA 98858
Phone: 509-745-8535


Even if you provide a written statement, you still have the right to attend the sentencing hearing and to speak to the Judge regarding the impact of this crime on your life and your recommendations for a sentence.

This content has been prepared by W. Gordon Edgar, Prosecuting Attorney.