Appeal Procedures

  1. If you wish to appeal a decision of the Douglas County District Court, you must file a notice of Appeal with the Clerk of Douglas County District court within 30 day of the date of entry of the decision you wish to appeal. You must pay the statutory filing fee of $220 for civil and infraction cases. No filing fee is required for criminal/criminal traffic appeals.
    1. The court of appeals, supreme court, and superior courts may require an adult or a juvenile convicted of an offense or the parents or another person legally obligated to support a juvenile offender to pay appellate costs. RCW 10.73.160(1)
  2. If you believe that you are unable to pay the $220 filing fee, you must explain your financial situation to the Court. To do so, you must complete a Motion and Affidavit to Proceed In Forma Pauperis, and Order with the court. A judge will decide if the filing fee and other fees will be waived.
  3. You must serve a copy of the Notice of Appeal on all other parties.
  4. Within 14 days of filing the Notice of Appeal, you must file a Designation of the Record to Transmit with the Clerk of Douglas County District Court and serve a copy on all other parties.
  5. The Court shall prepare the record within 14 days after the Designation of filed and notify all parties that the record is ready to transmit to Superior Court.
  6. The cost for preparation of the record is $40 per case, unless you have been excused by the Court from paying. This includes one copy of any digital recordings on CD. If you require additional copies of the digital recording on CD for personal use or transcription purposes, you need to request additional copies at the cost of $10 per CD.
  7. Once you are notified that the record is ready to transmit, you must pay the preparation cost to Douglas County District Court within 10 days unless you have been excused from
  8. Upon receipt of the preparation cost, Douglas District Court will transmit the record to Superior Court and notify all parties that the record was transmitted.