New Law and Justice Facility

Douglas County began construction of the new Law and Justice Facility July 5, 2018. This Facility is located North of the new Evidence Storage Building which was completed in the Summer of 2018, directly adjacent to the Public Services Building on 19th Street in East Wenatchee. Construction is estimated to be completed by late Summer / early Fall 2019.

Establishing a campus environment for County services will be convenient for citizens while establishing a more coordinated effort between departments. The new Law and Justice Facility will serve to create a collaborative, cooperative, and effective campus for both the public and employees of Douglas County.  In relocating and by taking steps towards streamlining, modernizing, and enhancing operations, Douglas County will ensure it is able to provide citizens with the highest quality service well into the future. 

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, District Court, Juvenile Probation, and IT infrastructure will be moved from the 2nd Street location as well as making room for a future Coroner. 

Rather than invest in extensive repairs which are necessary at the current facility on 2nd Street, including replacement of the roof, HVAC system, carpeting, and employee safety upgrades which would have exceeded $1 million, Douglas County financed the new Facility project through existing revenue streams. Through the County’s conservative budget management practices half of the estimated $8 million project is being paid for using cash reserves. Current Expense Funds were earmarked for the new Facility and will not affect funding for other projects. Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) revenue along with money previously spent to rent an evidence storage space is also being used. The County has bonded for the remaining balance. The current building on 2nd Street will be sold following completion of the Law and Justice Facility. The proceeds will then be used to buy down the bonds for an early call to save on interest cost.