This information is intended for the use of professional service companies including, but not limited to, tax services and mortgage companies.

Check taxes online through TaxSifter.

Property taxes are searchable by Parcel Number, Name, Situs, Street Address, or Map Number.   Once you have located the correct parcel, choose the ‘Treasurer’ button to view basic property details, current taxes, delinquent taxes and up-to-date penalty and interest calculations. The data is updated nightly, after 9:00 pm. 

Tax Roll Data 

The Douglas County Treasurer creates a custom export specifically for the use of tax services and mortgage companies.  This file includes select information to expedite processing of bulk tax payment imports received from those vendors.  This export is available through our File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site. New tax year information is generally available after February 5, and delinquent files are available year round. Download tax roll file layout (PDF).  Email for access to this file.  There is no fee for this file for our recurring tax services and mortgage lenders. 

If a requestor requires access to the entire tax roll file, that data is available through our tax and accounting software vendor, Thomson Reuters.  Email Thomson Reuters directly at to request the file.  Thomson Reuters will either provide a release form that will need to be forwarded to our office for completion, or they will reach out to our office directly for authorization.  The vendor will also provide a file layout.  Thomson Reuters charges a fee for creation of this file. 

To complete file requests, requestors must have on file a Public Records Request.  

Click here for information on obtaining Public Records. 

Electronic Payments 

All tax services, mortgage companies, and financial institutions must provide electronic payment data in the approved layout when the payment listing is more than 10 parcels. Please contact our office for layout specifications. 

Payment must be received by the Treasurer on or before the due date, and must be accompanied by the data. Data may be sent by email. 

Late payment charges may apply if the data sent is unreadable, such as a formatting error, OR if inaccurate information is provided, such as incorrect statement numbers or parcel numbers.