IMPORTANT New State School Levy Information 

In 2017, the State Legislature passed Engrossed House Bill 2242, requiring the State to fully fund local schools.  News outlets have reported widely on this new legislation, often referred to as the “McCleary Tax” in reference to the State Supreme Court case of McCleary vs. Washington.  This legislation affects property tax bills for 2018 and future. 

For 2018, the levy for Douglas County has increased from $2.10 to $2.82 (per $1,000 value) to fund the State School portion of the property tax.  For 2019, limitations on local school levies take effect that could result in reduced property tax obligations.  

On 2018 tax statements, taxpayers will see the State School levy amounts broken into two (2) distribution line items.  These will appear as:


The portion labeled “PT 1”, or Part 1, will function much like the original State School amount has in the past.  “PT 2 MCCLEARY HB 2242”, or Part 2, represents the additional amount due required by the new legislation.

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