Douglas County Courthouse Facilitator services during COVID-19 quarantine

Douglas County Courthouse Facilitator services are continuing during the quarantine, with adaptations for social distancing. This may result in some delay, but we are striving to continue providing the same level of service during the quarantine, with modifications and updates as needs warrant.

Appointments with the Courthouse Facilitator during the quarantine are by telephone.

When you contact the Facilitator to initiate services, the Facilitator will email you payment instructions for the appointment, and the Disclaimer form explaining Facilitator services. You must sign the Disclaimer form and return it to the Facilitator in order to receive services. You may discuss with the Facilitator alternate methods for returning the signed Disclaimer If you don’t have access to a scanner.

A one-hour phone appointment will be scheduled to address specific questions in your case, provide information, and verbally review court papers.

Papers may be filed with the Court through regular mail to the Court Clerk’s office; in a drop-box placed outside the Courthouse that is regularly checked; or by e-filing with the Clerk’s office. The Facilitator can provide you with instructions for each of these alternatives.


The Douglas County Courthouse Facilitator assists self-represented parties with their family law cases in Douglas County Superior Court.   A person is self-represented if he or she is not represented by an attorney.  Sometimes self-represented parties are referred to as acting "pro se."  The Facilitator can provide information about court procedures and assist you with legal forms (sometimes referred to as “pleadings”).

The Facilitator is not a lawyer and cannot give you legal advice.  If you are acting pro se in your case, you are encouraged to consult with a lawyer about your legal rights and responsibilities and what is best for you in your situation.  When you meet with the Facilitator, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer informing you of these limitations on the program's services.

Appointments for the Court Facilitator are made by calling the Douglas County Clerk main phone number 745-8529.  Walk-in appointments may occur based on availability of the Court Facilitator. 

Appointments are for one hour, and are available: 

  • the 2nd and 4th Tuesday at the Douglas County Courthouse in Waterville, Washington at 11 am and 12 pm;
  • the 3rd Tuesday at Douglas County District Court, 100 19th St. NW in East Wenatchee at 11 am, 12 and 2 pm;
  • and every Monday at Douglas County District Court in East Wenatchee at 11 am, 12, 1 and 2 pm.

Other appointment times may be available by pre-arrangement.
All appointments must be confirmed five days prior
, or the time will be made available to others.  

A Facilitator fee of $30.00 must be paid prior to your appointment by cash or money order.  Credit/debit cards are accepted through nCourt at the Clerk’s counter, by telephone or online. Personal checks are not accepted.  If the $30.00 fee is not paid prior to your appointment, you will have to re-schedule the appointment with the Family Law Facilitator.  The Facilitator Fee is non-refundable. A reduced fee may be accepted where a pro se litigant in a family matter has been found to be indigent by a Superior Court Order or by discretion of the Family Law Facilitator if the individual has met the indigence standards as defined in General Rule 34, but has not yet been found indigent by the Court.

Disclaimer of Services Provided

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