Meeting Date: July 23, 2019


  1. Review and approve recommended 2018 BOE orders determined by the Douglas County Hearing Examiner 


About the Board

The Board of Equalization is an independent body organized to hear appeals of various determinations made by the on Assessor’s determination of assessed valuations and to equalize property. Douglas County hires an independent Hearing Examiner to proceed over Board of Equalization hearings (WAC 458-14-136). The goal is to provide an impartial hearing environment that protects each party’s due process rights.

Member Information

The Hearing Examiner hears appeals and provides a recommendation to the Board of Equalization. The Douglas County Board of Equalization is made up of the Douglas County Commissioners.

How Does the Assessor Value Property?

Washington State law requires assessors to value all taxable property at 100% of its true and fair market value. Market value is the amount of money that a willing and unobligated buyer is willing to pay a willing and unobligated seller.

Should Property Owners contact the Assessor’s office to settle Property Value Disagreements?

Absolutely! If you feel the Assessment of your property taxes is incorrect or have questions about the your valuation contact the Assessor’s office first anytime you have a question. Many times disagreements or stipulations can be agreed upon or settled with the Assessor’s office without filing an appeal. However, you still need to preserve your appeal rights by timely filing your appeal form with the Board of Equalization.

The Douglas County Assessor’s office may be reached at 509.745.8521 and additional information may be viewed their web page is:

What is the Deadline for Filing a Petition for Appeal?

Petitions for Appeal must be postmarked or e-mailed to the Clerk of the Board of Equalization by July 1st of the current assessment year or within 30 days of when the “Douglas County Change of Value Notice” was mailed by the Assessor’s Office.

How Can I Appeal the Assessed Valuation of My Property?

To appeal an Assessor’s valuation of your property timely complete and file a petition with the Douglas County Clerk of the Board of Equalization. Appeal forms are available below or contact the Clerk of the Board of Equalization 509.884.7173: 

Send completed forms to:


Jenny A. Fasching, PHR, SHRM-CP
Board of Equalization
140 19th Street
East Wenatchee WA  98802 


E-mail (preferred):

If you would like to request a copy of hearing notes or meeting minutes, please contact Jenny Fasching, 509.884.7173,

Appealing a Board of Equalization Decision

If you feel your petition is rejected as incomplete by the Douglas County Board of Equalization or wish to appeal the decision, you have the right to appeal the rejection to the State Board of Tax Appeals: Washington State Board of Tax Appeals

Washington State Board of Tax Appeals
1110 Capitol Way S. Suite 307
P.O. Box 40915
Olympia, WA 98504 

Website: Washington State Board of Tax Appeals