The auditor is the ex-officio supervisor of all primary, general and special elections for all state, county, city/town or school, hospital, fire, cemetery, water, sewer, port, park and recreation, and public utility districts. In correlation with election duties, the auditor is in charge of:

  • Providing locations for holding elections
  • Appointing precinct election officers and providing their compensation
  • Preparing ballots, voting machines or other voting devices
  • Seeing to the delivery and recovery of all election supplies
  • Publishing and posting notices of elections
  • Apportioning to state, city, county, town and district, their share of election expenses
  • Publishing a list of polling places and a sample ballot

The county canvassing board for all election returns is comprised of the county auditor, the county prosecuting attorney and the chairman of the county commissioners. The auditor works very closely with the Secretary of State and sends complete abstracts of all election results to the Secretary of State's office in Olympia.

Voter Registration

The auditor, as the supervisor of elections, is the chief registrar of voters within the county. It is the auditor's responsibility to close voter registration in accordance with state law, prior to each election, and to publish requisite legal notice of such impending closures.

Auditor - Thad Duvall

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