Study materials may be purchased from WSU Extension Publishing and Printing Office at 800-723-1763, 509-335-2857 or or by contacting your local Extension office.

For exam requirement assistance and current fees: call WSDA toll free at 1-877-301-4555 or WSU at 509-335-2830.

Publication Title
Material #
Exam Type
License Fees as of 1/1/09
Private Applicator
  Private Applicator $33.00
Limited Private Applicator MISC0547E Free Online Only   Limited Private App $33.00/5 yrs.
Rancher Private Applicator MISC0547E Free Online Only   Rancher Private App $100.00/5 yrs.
Spanish Private Applicator
  Public Operator $33.00
Laws & Safety/Dealer
  Public Consultant $33.00
Turf & Ornamental Weed
  Private Commercial App $33.00
Spanish Laws & Weeds
  Dealer Manager $33.00
Agricultural Weed


  Structural Pest Inspector $60.00
Rights-of-Way Weed
  Commercial Applicator $215.00
Insect & Disease Control
  Commercial Operator $67.00
Aquatic Pest Control
  Commercial Consultant $60.00
Public Health Pest Control
Structural Pest Inspector
Pest Management Pro (PCO)
Limited Private Applicator and Rancher Private Applicator supplement, print from

WSU Extension Douglas County and Washington State Department of Agriculture are offering tests for private applicators at the Extension Office in Waterville. Test are unscheduled, and offered Monday- Friday with testing starting at 8:30 a.m.and again at 1:30 p.m. In addition to the License Fee there is an unscheduled exam fee of $10. Payment should be made by check or money order made payable to WSDA. The use of a calculator is allowed during the exam.

Individuals wishing to take the test are asked to contact the Extension Office ahead of time to ensure a proctor is available. WSU Douglas County Extension can be reached at (509) 745-8531.

Limited Private, Rancher Private and Private Applicator are the only tests administered at WSU Douglas County Extension office. 

Limited Private Applicator

This license allows the holder to supervise & apply restricted use herbicides on non-production agricultural land that includes pastures, rangeland, fence rows & areas around farm buildings for weed control only.

Rancher Private Applicator

This license allows the use and supervision of restricted use herbicides and rodenticides on non-production agricultural land, and on production agriculture land where grain and hay are grown for personal use. (Up to 10% may be sold and only within the county of production.

Private Applicator

This license is for use of all restricted use Pesticides for agriculture purposes of all kind.


Helpful Websites:
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