Grant Road Resurfacing
CRP 987

Last Updated: September 26, 2019

Call for Bids
Plan Holders

Bid Range is $850,000  - $1.1 Million

* Note * Upon downloading these documents, please contact Carol Hardie at 509.888.6570, or email your Company Name, Address, Phone and Fax Numbers, Email (if different than sending email), and a Contact Person Name, to in order to be placed on the plan holders list.  This will enable us to forward addendums to you.

Vicinity Map

Vicinity Map

Project Data
Project Number: County Road Project 987
Project Length: 1.4 miles  (Milepost 1.37 to Milepost 2.84)
Construction Start: Fall 2019
Project Description

The proposed project includes planing the existing rutted outside lanes, prelevelling the outside lanes, and paving all four lanes with hot mix asphalt.  Additionally, centerline rumble strips will be installed, existing manhole lids and monument covers adjusted to grade, and pavement markings and permanent signage installed.

Project Status

Central Washington Asphalt, Inc. was awarded the contract for this project at the bid price of $783,783.  Work is scheduled to begin September 30, 2019.

Traffic Impacts

Traffic control will be in place during construction.  Expect delays.

For more information on this project contact Douglas County Transportation at (509) 884-7173.