Crane Orchard Road

Project Number: CRP 972
Project Length:  2.2 Miles (From Milepost 18.19 to Milepost 20.37)
Construction:  Summer 2020

Last Updated: February 25, 2020

Vicinity Map
Vicinity Map

Project Data
Project Number: County Road Project 972
Project Length: 2.2 Miles
Construction Start: Summer 2020
Project Description

The roadway is designated as a rural minor collector and provides a regionally important connection between orchard areas along the Columbia River, agricultural transportation and storage. Use by heavy agricultural hauling vehicles has resulted in accelerated deterioration of the asphalt surface.

Rehabilitation and resurfacing of this section of roadway will provide structural and long term benefits to the users of this important regional transportation system by improving agricultural farm-to-market travel conditions and improving traveler convenience, safety and reducing roadway maintenance costs. Horizontal curve realignments and overlay of asphalt on this road will replace substandard and deteriorating surface of the existing road with 0.2' of HMA, remove clear zone obstructions and improve side slopes in accordance with recovery requirements, and including guardrail and drainage system improvements. This project will complete this 2.2 mile segment of roadway from State Route 173 to the storage facilities and orchards along the Columbia River.

Project Status

This project is scheduled to go out for advertisement in the Summer of 2020. 

Traffic Impacts

Expect traffic delays during construction.

For more information on this project contact Douglas County Transportation at (509) 884-7173.