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Apple Capital Loop Trail (Eastside) Study

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has initiated a process to analyze lands acquired along the Columbia River in the East Wenatchee area for right-of-way purposes. The analysis could lead to a decision by WSDOT to surplus and dispose of lands between Odabashian Bridge on the north and the vicinity of 11th Street on the south. This includes those lands that now accommodate the eastside portion of the Apple Capital Loop Trail.

There is a considerable amount of study and public process to be completed before any decisions are made. In anticipation of this, the WSDOT has posed some preliminary questions to be answered by the community.  The More Than a Trail? project developed when Douglas County and the City of East Wenatchee agreed to help seek local answers to the questions and develop a strategy for addressing future surplus land proposals.  The culmination of an intense citizen involvement effort, More Than a Trail? documents the importance of the trail to the community and the community’s desire that the trail be retained for use by future generations.  Considered a first phase in a longer, more detailed planning process, the final report outlines the following next steps:

  • Actively advocate for exclusion of this property from consideration as surplus property associated with Section 215(1). A delegation of citizens and local elected officials should be identified and available to present the community’s opinion to various cabinet administrators and legislators as needed.
  • Future planning efforts should include continued development of the community vision through a sub-area planning process for the entire Eastside Shoreline between 9th Street NE and the Odabashian Bridge. A more extensive and inclusive sub-area planning process is recommended over a property-specific master plan given the community’s direction to acquire all of the property.
  • Exploration of an ownership and management entity such as a regional parks, recreation and open space district, a greenway foundation, or other mechanism is due consideration in order to address equitable funding of the community asset and operations and management of the preferred character and amenities.
  • Development of a finance strategy to enable the acquisition of all of the property.

The final report for More than a Trail?: Eastside Shoreline and Trail Assessment and Visioning Effort is now available under the documents link to the left side of this screen.