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Planning Commission

The Douglas County Planning Commission is a nine-member body appointed by the Board of Commissioners to assist the Land Services division in preparing recommendations on planning matters and development regulations. The Planning Commission serves as a place for public input into the comprehensive planning process in Douglas County so that citizens can help determine the most prudent course of action to take to promote the well-being of the county and our environment for the citizens of the generations yet born.

The Planning Commission consists of nine volunteer members who are appointed by the Board of Commissioners equally proportionate to the three commissioner districts. Member terms are four years in length.

The current members of the Douglas County Planning Commission and the community areas/Commissioner Districts they live in are:

  • Norman Cavadini, Bridgeport (District 3)
  • Britt Dudek, East Wenatchee (District 2)
  • Kathalene Humphrey, Mansfield (District 3)
  • Carol Kavanaugh, East Wenatchee (District 1)
  • Robert Knowles , East Wenatchee (District 1)
  • Michael Machado, East Wenatchee (District 3)
  • Joanne Rosenthal, East Wenatchee (District 1)
  • Fred Suter, East Wenatchee (District 2)
  • Roger Miller , East Wenatchee (District 2)

Planning Commission meetings are normally held on the second Wednesday of each month. Follow the Current Agenda link on the left side of this page for upcoming meeting announcements or contact Land Services staff at 140 19th St NW, East Wenatchee, WA 98802 or call (509) 884-7173 for additional information.