Amendments to County Code for Subdivisions and Boundaries

December 27, 2016

Douglas County has initiated the review of a revision to the county’s code for land divisions and boundaries.  The amendments to Title 17, and to two other sections of the county code, have been sent to the Washington state Department of Commerce to start the initial review period, which runs through February 27, 2017.  Douglas County also issued a determination of non-significance under the State Environmental Policy Act.

Some areas addressed in the proposed revisions include:

  • Greater reliance on other sections of the county code (e.g. street standards,  zoning, etc.) to reduce duplication and potential conflict if one chapter is amended and another is not.
  • Improve alignment with state laws addressing land divisions, surveys, alterations and vacation.
  • Process provisions tied to Title 14 Development Permit Procedures and Administration.
  • Unifies the preliminary and final application and review provisions for subdivisions, short subdivisions and binding site plans.
  • Allows division of recreational vehicle parks.
  • Increase from four to nine the number of lots that can be created by short subdivision in an urban growth area.
  • Authorizes model homes to be constructed simultaneously with construction of development improvements.
  • Allows for a two-year extension of time for cause to complete a development.
  • Codifies the boundary line adjustment process now defined by application form.
  • Allows lots of record that may be unbuildable due to size or dimension to be expanded via boundary line adjustment to provide a buildable area.
  • Combines survey-related requirements in one chapter for easy reference.
  • Defines processes for corrections and revisions.

The revisions will be discussed with the Douglas County Planning Commission during their regular meeting on Wednesday, January 11, 2017.  The meeting will begin at 5:30 PM at the Douglas County Public Services Building, 140 19th Street NW, East Wenatchee.  The presentation will orient the planning commission to the proposal.  The planning commission will hold a public hearing at a later date to accept oral testimony, which will be announced and advertised through the county’s usual methods.

Interested persons are also invited to attend a presentation and a question and answer session on Wednesday, January 18, 2017.  This will begin at 3:00 PM and will also be held Douglas County Public Services Building, 140 19th Street NW, East Wenatchee. 

Written comments during the initial review period should be addressed to:

Subdivision Code Amendments
Douglas Co. Trans. & Land Services
140 19th Street NW Suite A
East Wenatchee WA 98802-4191

Proposed code amendments
Determination of Non-Significance
Environmental checklist