2017 Growth Management Update

March 16, 2017

The Washington state Growth Management Act (GMA) require the county to periodically review and update, as necessary, the Comprehensive Plan and development regulations to bring them up to date with any relevant changes in the GMA and to respond to changes in land use and population growth. This mandatory “periodic update” takes place at least once every eight years. Douglas County is required to complete this process by June 30, 2017.  To facilitate the review and update process, the county and the planning commission have used the Periodic Update Checklist for Counties to determine where updates are needed.

Douglas County has started the 60-day comment period for public and agency review on the proposed amendments to the Douglas County Countrywide Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations. The 60-day comment period begins on March 16, 2017 and ends on May 15, 2017. The proposed amendments include:

  1. Amendments to the Douglas County Comprehensive Plan associated with the Growth Management Act 2017 required review and update.
  2. Amendments to the Douglas County Code Titles 18, 19, and 20 associated with the Growth Management Act 2017 required review and update.

Douglas County has issued a Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) through State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).

Written comments on the proposed amendments should be sent to:

2017 GMA Update
Douglas Co. Trans. & Land Services
140 19th Street NW, Suite A
East Wenatchee, WA 98802

The proposed amendments will be considered at a public hearing tentatively scheduled for May 10, 2017. The public is invited to attend the public hearing and comment on all pertinent matters.