Transportation & Land Services - Administration
James R. Barker - County Administrator

James R. Barker
County Administrator


Phone: (509) 884-7173
Fax: (509) 886-3953

140 19th Street NW, Suite A
East Wenatchee, WA 98802

The County Administrator is the central budget controller, financial director, personnel director, and the primary contact between TLS, the Board of County Commissioners, and other Elected Officials. The County Administrator is ultimately responsible for a $12 to $18 million-dollar budget and a staff of 71 full-time and 10 to 25 temporary employees. TLS operations are separated into three (3) primary locations spaced thirty (30) miles apart. Area 1 is located in and around East Wenatchee, Area 2 encompasses the Waterville Plateau and Area 3 is the Mansfield, Bridgeport area. The administrative functions for TLS are located at 140 19th Street NW in East Wenatchee. Office hours are 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information call (509) 884-7173.

Human Resources
The HR function is performed by the County Administrator and a Human Resource Assistant. The primary responsibilities in this division are to oversee the selection, orientation, and personnel maintenance of employees within the County. This division is the primary source for administering federal, state, and county laws, regulations, and policies having to do with personnel. Employee training, benefits administration, union contract negotiations, and labor relations are just some of the responsibilities assigned to the Human Resource Division.

TLS, unlike other general government departments in Current Expense, maintains it’s own general ledger, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, and grant administration. This division has three (3) full-time employees and one (1) three-quarter time employee. The Accounting Manager reports directly to the TLS Administrator. This division is required to account for funds received and paid according to the standards and policies administered by the Washington State Auditor’s office. The accounting department is also responsible for directing the available funds in TLS to the Treasurer’s office for investment. It is not unusual for this division to be asked to account for one or more countywide special project, activity or program.

Storm Water Utility
The City of East Wenatchee and Douglas County established storm water utilities in May, 1999 after 5 years of study and public discussion. The goal in creating the utilities was to meet the community storm water needs, but in doing so, not create or duplicate organizations. The newly created utilities are responsible for the construction of new storm water facilities, such and the Sterling detention pond and the Canyon "B" pipeline to the Columbia River. In addition, the utilities will maintain all existing storm water catch basins, culverts, and ditches within the greater East Wenatchee area.