Latex Paint

Latex paint will no longer be collected at Household Hazardous Waste Events (HHW) held in Douglas County.

However, we have alternatives for Douglas County residents:

Paint hardener can be purchased at Lowe's and Home Depot in Wenatchee. One package of this product will harden 2/3 gallon of latex paint, acrylic paint or stain. Once the paint has dried into a solid instead of a liquid form in the can just toss it in your garbage with the lid off!


One of the most efficient paint hardeners is clay-based cat litter, which is extremely absorbent. Use a partially filled paint can as a trash can for used kitty litter. The paint will quickly form a dry skin; the underlying paint will take longer to dry. Speed the drying process by leaving a paint stirrer in the paint can. Stir it daily to break the skin and allow the rest of the paint to air dry.

If you do not have a cat, any absorbent, dry material will work. Try vermiculite, soil, potting soil, dried leaves or pine needles, dry lawn clippings, even shredded newspaper.

Once the paint has dried into a solid instead of liquid form you can toss it in your garbage can with the lid off!

DONATE YOUR LEFT OVER LATEX PAINT to a non-profit organization, a church, friends and relatives, etc

Appliances & Scrap Metal Collection Event

Due to financial constraints during the current economy, this event has been suspended until further notice. HOWEVER, did you know that you don't have to wait until a 'collection event' to recycle your unwanted scrap metal and appliances in Douglas County?

These local recycling centers and businesses collect scrap metal (and/or appliances) year-round!

Bridgeport Community Recycling Center: 1007 Fairview Avenue, Bridgeport. Call (509) 686-4041 for information.

Mansfield Community Recycling Center: Railroad Avenue, Mansfield. Call (509) 683-1112 for information.

Waterville Community Recycling Center: 720 North Chelan Avenue, Waterville. Call (509) 745-8871.

Rock Island Recycling Center: 23 S. Garden Avenue. Call (509) 884-1261.

All four of the above centers collect the items listed above year-round. Some minor charges may apply, so call before dropping off your items.

In the Greater East Wenatchee Area:

T&C Recycling: 1631 South Wenatchee Avenue, Wenatchee. Collect aluminum, brass, copper, iron, lead, stainless steel, steel and die-cast metals. Will pay for most metals collected. Call (509) 662-6520.

Wenatchee Valley Salvage & Recycling: 295 Urban Industrial Avenue, East Wenatchee. Copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, tin, motor blocks and more. Call 886-7161.

So, there's no need to hang onto that scrap metal lying around your yard any longer. You now have many convenient, local options.

For more information, please contact the Countywide Solid Waste Programs office at (509) 886-0899. For information regarding similar disposal opportunities in Chelan County, please call (509) 667-6415.


Do you have old fluorescent tubes lying around that you don’t know what to do with? 

Do you throw them in your garbage?  Well, now Douglas County residents can recycle their unbroken mercury-containing lights at no charge by dropping them off at several authorized Collection Sites in Douglas County!

Douglas County residents can drop off up to 10 mercury-containing lights a day at any of these Authorized Collection Sites in Douglas County: the Community Recycling Centers of Bridgeport, Mansfield, Rock Island and Waterville.  Call the respective towns or cities for more information on days and hours of operation.

This program accepts fluorescent tubes up to 8-feet in length, including straight, u-shaped, circular and other curved shapes; compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) of all types and sizes.

In the past fluorescent lights were accepted at local Household Hazardous Waste Events.  But since the inception of the LightRecycle program  grant funds from the Department of Ecology will no longer pay for the collection and recycling of these lights.

LightRecycle Washington is a program for Washington State residents to safely and conveniently recycle mercury-containing lights at no charge.  The program began on January 1st of this year and is administered by PCA Product Stewardship, a non-profit organization.  PCA is an affiliate of Product Care Association, a not-for-profit industry association that manages stewardship programs for household hazardous and special waste.

Each mercury-containing light sold at retail must now include an Environmental Handling Charge (EHC) of $0.25 per light, which is used to pay for program operations including transportation and recycling.  Consumers must be made aware that the EHC has been added to the purchase price.

For more information about the Light Recycling Washington program and to locate collection sites outside Douglas County go to LightRecycle.

Waste Pesticide Collection Event

Due to financial constraints during the current economy, this event has been suspended until further notice.

But, you can get information on how and where to dispose of your unusable pesticides, free of charge, by contacting the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA).

WSDA's Waste Pesticide Identification and Disposal Program, in cooperation with local agencies, regularly collects unusable agricultural and commercial grade pesticides from residents, farmers, small businesses and pubic agencies free of charge. Events are held at locations across Washington State where customers can bring their unusable agricultural chemicals for proper disposal. The schedule for spring events is published in January of each year. The fall schedule is published by July. Potential customers can contact WSDA for more information or to be notified of scheduled events in this area.

Call 1-877-301-4555, select option 1, then option 5; or visit the WSDA website.

Electronic Recycling

You can take your items to the Electronics Recycling Centers listed below, year-around:

  1. City of Chelan Recycling Center 23233 Hwy 97, Chelan, WA /Contact: Scott Beaton /Tues - Sat 9 am - 4pm
  2. Salvation Army 1501A N. Miller, Wenatchee, WA /Contact: Seth Merriel /Mon -Sat 9am - 6pm
  3. Goodwill Store 620 Grant Rd. East WEnatchee, WA /Contact: Kristin Johnson-Ray /Mon-Sat 9am - 5pm & Sun 9am - 4pm

There is no fee associated with recycling your electronic waste at these locations. These locations will take computer monitors, towers, laptop computers and televisions of any size. If they still work, the location may try to re-sell the item. If they don't work, or if you specify that you don't want it re-sold, the item will be taken to a larger collection center (associated with each of those agencies), dismantled, and nearly all (99%) of its components will be recycled, rather than destroyed. This is done due to the content of hazardous metals in these items (lead, cadmium, mercury). All other electronic waste (keyboards, mice, stereos, printers, copiers, etc.) are considered to be non-hazardous, and are not currently collected for recycling. These items can be thrown away in your regular garbage, or self-hauled to your local transfer station.