Notice of Public Hearing
Public Hearing Agendas
Hearing Examiner - Andrew L. Kottkamp

The Douglas County Hearing Examiner is appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to conduct public hearings and render decisions on a wide range of land use permits. The hearing examiner process ensures and expands the principles of fairness and due process in public hearings.

The Hearing Examiner conducts public hearings to receive comments on the merits of proposals for conditional uses, variances, major subdivisions, planned developments, shoreline permits and appeals of administrative interpretations. The Hearing Examiner considers the testimony presented during public hearings, other written testimony and materials on file to formulate a decision. For most matters, the decision of the Hearing Examiner is final and conclusive unless appealed to Superior Court.

Further information on the Hearing Examiner process can be obtained in Chapter 2.13 and Title 14 of the Douglas County Code. Correspondence and comments for the Hearing Examiner can be sent to:

Douglas County Hearing Examiner
140 19th Street NW, Suite A
East Wenatchee, WA 98802-4191