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Department of Emergency Management

The Douglas County Department of Emergency Management is responsible for the planning, coordination, and implementation of all emergency mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery efforts, including Homeland Security related activities for Douglas County.

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Emergency Worker Application Packet

Volunteers in Douglas County need to register as an Emergency Worker with Douglas County Emergency Management in order to particpate in training, exercising, and/or emergency support activities. This includes R.A.C.E.S, C.E.R.T., Search & Rescue, Citizen Corps, Sheriff's Auxiliary Crime Prevention Unit, Marine Patrol, and Map Your Neighborhood.

The Douglas County Emergency Worker Program Application can be found here.

The information provided during registration will be used to conduct criminal history and driving record background checks. Registration is a prerequisite for eligibility of emergency workers for benefits and legal protection under chapter 38.52 RCW. Registration and subsequent issuance of an emergency worker identification card is at the discretion of the Emergency Management Director.

For more information on the Emergency Worker Program, please contact Douglas County Emergency Management during business hours.


Important Information About Outdoor Burning

The Washington State Department of Ecology has made available a FAQ to help answer questions about the outdoor burning restrictions in cities and Urban Growth Areas. A map of the East Wenatchee UGA can be found here


Resources and Contacts:

Dept. of Ecology                        509 575-2490

Agricultural Burn Hotline           800 406-5322

Dept. of Natural Resources      509 527-3305

Douglas Co Land Services     509 884-7173

Douglas Co Conservation       509 664-0275

What Types of Burning Are Allowed?

Residential and land clearing burning will not be allowed in Bridgeport, Mansfield, Rock Island and Waterville

Urban Growth Areas* starting January 1, 2007. Residential and land clearing burning has been banned in the East

Wenatchee UGA since 2000.

Brochure: Learn Before You Burn in Douglas County: How Does the Law Affect You?


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3 Days, 3 Ways, Are you Ready?

  The message is simple, be ready to survive on your own for a minimum of 3 Days following a disaster. For large disasters, you may not receive any government assistance for up to 7 Days.

  Become prepared in 3 Ways – make a plan, build a kit, and get involved. Any step we take today will put us in a greater position for resiliency, whether    from a major earthquake, a winter storm, a terrorist act or a pandemic flu outbreak.

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