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District Court Jurisdiction

District Court has jurisdiction to conduct:

  • Criminal cases involving misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors, RCW 3.66.060
  • Preliminary hearings in felony cases, RCW 3.02.010(d)
  • Traffic infraction cases, RCW 3.66.060(5)
  • Civil cases in which the amount in controversy does not exceed one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000), RCW 3.66.020(4)
  • Small claim controversy up to five thousand dollars ($5,000), RCW 12.40.010
  • Civil protection orders, RCW 26.50, 10.14
  • Name changes, RCW 4.24.130(1)
  • Vehicle impound cases, RCW 46.55

The Probation Department monitors compliance with sentencing conditions as set by the judge.

District Court Building

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