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Adopted Ordinances and Resolutions

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04/01/14 Ordinance TLS 14-02-13B Adoption of a new County Code chapter regarding Off-Road and Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles ORD TLS 14-02-13B
Douglas County ATV-ORV
Greater East Wenatchee Area ATV-ORV


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01/15/13 Ordinance TLS 13-01-03 Amendments to Greater East Wenatchee Area Comprehensive Plan ord tls 13-01-03
01/15/13 Ordinance TLS 13-02-04 Amendments to Countywide Comprehensive Plan ORD TLS 13-02-04
03/05/13 Ordinance TLS 13-03-11B Adoption of amendments to the East Wenatchee Municipal Code ORD TLS 13-03-11B
06/25/13 Ordinance TLS 13-04-21B Amendments to DCC Title 15 ORD TLS 13-04-21B
07/30/13 Ordinance TLS 13-05-23B Amendments to DCC Titles 18 and 20 ORD TLS 13-05-23B
07/30/13 Ordinance TLS 13-06-24B Amendments to the East Wenatchee Municipal Code ORD TLS 13-06-24B
07/30/13 Ordinance TLS 13-07-25B Open Space Plan & Public Benefit Rating System ORD TLS 13-07-25B
09/17/13 Ordinance TLS 13-08-28B Adopting Changes to DCC Chapter 10.06 Speed Limit ORD TLS 13-08-28B
10/01/13 Ordinance TLS 13-09-30B Adoption of Amendments to the East Wenatchee Municipal Code (Not codified by Douglas County) ORD TLS 13-09-30B
10/08/13 Ordinance TLS 13-10-33B Adoption of Amendments to DCC Chapter 19.40 Surface & Storm Water Management Utility ORD TLS 13-10-33B
10/29/13 Ordinance TLS 13-11-40B Amendments to the DCC Title 12 Road Standards

ORD TLS 13-11-40B


10/29/13 Ordinance TLS 13-12-40B Amendments to the DCC Title 18 Zoning ORD TLS 13-12-40B
10/29/13 Ordinance TLS 13-13-29B Amendments to DCC Chapter 6.08 Open Range ORD TLS 13-13-29B
12-10-13 Ordinance TLS 13-14-42B Adoption of Amendments to Rock Island Municipal Code (Not codified by Douglas County) ORD TLS 13-14-42B
09/30/13 Ordinance CE 13-01-33B Amendments to DCC Chapter 6.04 Animal Care, Registration and Control ORD CE 13-01-33B
12/02/13 Ordinance CE 13-02-45B Amendments to DCC Chapter 3.20 Excise Taxes on Telecommunication Services ORD CE 13-02-45B