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Tamara Burns, DD Program Director,

Carrie Gavin, DD Program Coordinator

The CDDD Advisory Board typically meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 5:00 pm at the CDDD office.  Occasionally the meeting will have to be canceled or rescheduled. 

Next Advisory Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 13th at 5 pm.  There are also two seats available on the Advisory Board.

The mission of the Chelan-Douglas Developmental Disabilities Program is to assure children and adults with developmental disabilities receive individualized services and supports which assist them to:

  • Maintain or increase their level of independence,
  • Achieve their personal goals,
  • Create and support opportunities for people with disabilities and other community citizens to come together and share common experiences. 

Integrated, employment is one of the fundamental factors in creating such community opportunities.  

The following are the basic interdependent benefits of quality living that form the core of the County Guidelines in Washington State for individuals with Developmental Disabilities.

  •  Power and Choice – Making our own choices and directing our own lives.
  • Relationships – Having people in our lives whom we love and care about and who love and care about us.
  • Status/Contribution – Feeling good about ourselves and having other recognize us for what we contribute to others and our community.
  • Integration – Being a part of our community, through active involvement.  This means doing things we enjoy as well as new and interesting things.
  • Competence – Learning to do things on our own or be supported to do things for our self.
  • Health and Safety – Feeling safe and secure, and being healthy. 

The importance of these basic benefits of community life is not unique to people with developmental disabilities nor are they unique to residential services.  They’re important to all of us in all phases of our lives.


The mission of the Chelan-Douglas Advisory Board is to review, analyze, and recommend programs in the community to support independence, employment, and meaningful participation for children and adults with developmental disabilities.


We value the strengths and assets of individuals and their families and seek to empower them to advocate for services on their own behalf.

We respect the culture and other individual qualities of each individual.

We seek to work in partnership to provide quality services and to give our associates voices, ownership and access in accomplishing this complex task.

We will demonstrate our dedication to these values by treating people with respect, equality, courtesy, and fairness. 


All children and adults with developmental disabilities in Chelan and Douglas County will have the choice to be involved in meaningful, productive activities with appropriate, accessible support.  Individuals with developmental disabilities will feel a sense of acceptance and respect within their communities.


Updated 6/29/2016

Board Member

Nichole Johnson
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1/6/2014 12/31/17
Shelda Winschell
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3/1/2016 2/28/2019
Alicia Finn
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1/6/2014 12/31/17

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Natalie Noyd
# 6
1/6/2014 12/31/17
David Kazemba
# 7
7/5/2016 6/30/2019
Billie Rowles, MD
# 8
1/6/2014 12/31/17
Jeff Smith
# 9
1/6/2014 12/31/17

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Tamara Burns
DD Director