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The Douglas County Assessor’s primary duty is to determine the value of all taxable real and personal property in the county for ad valorem purposes. Washington State law requires property to be assessed at 100% of market value. Properties in Douglas County are revalued annually. Contact the assessor’s office to discuss your valuation. Taxpayers may appeal valuations to the County Board of Equalization.

Tax exemptions are available to seniors 61 and older or persons physically disabled. Agricultural properties may qualify for an open space exemption. Contact the Assessor's office for information or applications.

Assessment is necessary to calculate the equitable amount of property tax from each parcel to pay for governmental services such as, schools, counties, cities, law enforcement, fire protection, parks, roads, libraries, etc. The assessor is also required to maintain the assessment records, and a detailed series of maps showing all properties within the county. Information such as legal descriptions, parcel numbers, tax codes, area locations, and assessed valuations for all property within the county can be obtained from the assessor’s office.

Taxpayer's Claim for Reduction of Assessments Resulting from Destroyed Real or Personal Property or Loss of Value in a Declared Disaster Area

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