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Traffic Deferrals - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Keep My Traffic Ticket “Off My Record”?

If you have received a traffic infraction, you may be eligible for a deferral.  By successfully completing a deferral, the Court will not report your ticket to the Department of Licensing.

  1. You may defer only one moving and one non-moving infraction every seven years.
  2. The length of the deferral is one year.
  3. To complete your deferral, you must pay an administrative fee and not commit a new traffic
    violation for one year.
If you commit a new traffic infraction during your deferral or fail to pay the administrative
fee, the Court will report your deferred ticket as a conviction to Department of Licensing.

How Do I request a Deferral of Infraction?

To request a deferral, you may appear at the court or send in a mail request using the downloadable form at the end of this page and submit the fee of $120.

When Must I Appear to Request a Deferral?

You must request the deferral at the clerkís counter or by mail within 15 days of your violation date.

What Does It Cost to Defer My Infraction?

Instead of paying the face amount of your traffic infraction, you must pay a $120.00 Administrative fee. The Court uses this fee to check your eligibility for deferral and to monitor your compliance with deferral terms.

What If I Fail to Pay the Administrative Fee for my Deferral?

The Court will end your deferral. You will be responsible for the face amount of your traffic infraction and the court will report to the Department of Licensing that you committed your traffic violation. In addition, a $52.00 penalty will be assessed against you, a case FTA ordered and notification sent to Department of Licensing to begin processing your driver's license for suspension.

What If I Commit a New Traffic Violation?

The Court will end your deferral and will report to Department of Licensing that you committed your traffic infraction, and you will be sent a bill for the amount of fine indicated on your ticket.

If any traffic infractions or criminal traffic offenses are pending at the end of the one-year period, the court will defer the review until the traffic infraction or criminal traffic offense has been resolved. Any traffic infraction or criminal traffic offense charged within one year from the date of the deferred finding order will be deemed committed unless the charge is resolved by an unconditional dismissal, a "not guilty" verdict, or a finding of "not committed. *"

* "Committed" is defined as including any traffic infraction or criminal traffic offense resolved by a stay of proceedings, a stipulated order of continuance, or any other agreement which consists of a continuance with conditions, even if the ultimate disposition of the traffic infraction is a dismissal, amendment of charge, or finding of "not committed".

What Infractions Do Not Qualify for Deferral?

The Court does not allow deferral for the following:

  • Passing a School Bus
  • Speeding in a School Zone
  • Speeding in a Construction Zone
  • Any Infraction Where a Fatality Occurred
  • Intermediate Driverís License
  • No Automobile Insurance
  • Negligent Driving 2nd Degree (depending on facts)

Do I Qualify to Enter a Deferral?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you do not qualify to defer your infraction:

  1. Have you entered a deferral program on any infraction in the State of Washington within the last 7 years?
  2. Do you possess a Commercial Driverís License (CDL active or inactive) in any State?
  3. Were you cited while driving a vehicle requiring a Commercial Driverís License endorsement?
  4. Do you possess an intermediate license?

What if I have an out of state driverís license?

You must submit a copy of your driving record when you apply and again at the end of the deferral period.

May I Download the Deferral Form and Fill it Out at Home?

Yes. The form is available as a pdf document below. If needed for your computer you may download a free copy of Adobe Reader®.

Deferred Infraction Order