• Road Closures

    County Wide Road Closures Map

    Dezellem Hill Road - Emergency Closure
    Dezellem Hill Road is closed at Milepost 1.53 until further notice due to ongoing and increasing geologic hazards.  Douglas County is currently working on developing mitigating the hazards with a goal of completing the work before the end of the construction season.  The use of alternate routes will be required until the repairs are complete.   Closure Map

    S Nevada Avenue – Grant Road to S Mystical Loop
    South Nevada Avenue between Grant Road and South Mystical Loop is currently under construction and closed to the public. The date on which this portion of South Nevada Avenue will be open to the public is unknown at this time.

    NW Cascade Avenue

    Beginning at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday April 24, 2019 – NW Cascade Avenue, between
    Goldcrest Street NW and State Route 2/97, will be closed to thru traffic due to road
    construction activities. Please use alternate routes when accessing this area.
    It is anticipated that NW Cascade Avenue will reopen in Mid July.

    Last Updated on May 13, 2019
  • Call for Bids

    Douglas County is seeking bids for the Law and Justice Facility:
    Access Controls and Security
    Audio / Visual

    Resolutions and Bid Packets - Due May 21 through June 4, 2019 at 11:00 am. Last Updated on May 09, 2019
  • Fair Share Election Funding Bill

    Washington State Legislature Refusing to Pay its Fair Share of Election Costs

    No one should have to choose between safety and democracy; Douglas County taxpayers shouldn't have to prioritize one over the other. However, that's what happens every other year. And that's exactly what will happen again in 2020. While the 12th District Legislative Representatives are in support of the even year funding, the Washington State Legislature as a whole refuses to pass the necessary legislation.

    Counties conduct elections on behalf of every level of government - from federal presidential elections all the way to local mosquito control districts. Washington State residents should be confident and proud that they have one of the most trustworthy and efficient election systems in the United States, with an excellent reputation for integrity, accuracy, and access.

    Full Letter from Auditor and Commissioners Last Updated on April 18, 2019
  • Board of Commissioners Memorandum

    To: Constituents of Douglas County
    From: Douglas County Board of Commissioners

    We are making efforts to shift the Douglas County communication model as it relates to funding of projects and daily operations.  We believe in creating and fostering an environment of transparency and community service through our work as County Commissioners.  To further achieve these goals and to be the best possible stewards of the tax-payers’ money, we are moving away from the phrase “County funded” and replacing it with “tax payer funded”. This model is being adopted in both our internal and external communications regarding ongoing projects, planning, and daily County operations.  We believe that this shift in dialogue will serve as a reminder as to the source of our funding as well as helping to ensure that we continue to consider how best to serve our community through our daily work.  As stewards of tax-payer funds the question of how to best serve our constituents is always at the core of our duties and responsibilities as such, we believe the language should be representative.

    Last Updated on April 16, 2019
  • New Law and Justice Facility

    The new Facility on 19th Street remains on track to be completed by late Summer / early Fall 2019. It is approximately 42% complete. The interior walls, framing, plumbing and electrical are currently in progress. We have worked closely with the architect, department heads, and employees to ensure we meet the needs of both the public and employees. 

    More Info . . . Last Updated on April 01, 2019
MyAlerts Mobile Application

MyAlerts, powered by AlertSense, is the county’s new emergency alerting service.   Our residents and visitors can now receive life-saving emergency alerts and advanced warning of severe weather directly on their Android or Apple iOS phone or tablet.  You can download the free MyAlerts app today from Google Play or the App Store.

You can also sign up to receive alerts and notifications.

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