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Douglas County Road Atlas

The Douglas County GIS Department is pleased to announce that we have updated Douglas County’s Road Atlas.  The new Atlas includes updates to roads, private parcel ownerships, and public lands.  The Atlas still includes information on Douglas County’s airports, cities & towns, townships & sections, water features, special interest features such as public buildings, schools, & cemeteries, and some recreational features.

Notice:  These maps are intended for general information purposes only.  Douglas County makes no claim as to the accuracy or current condition of the data shown on this map.  Not all roads on these maps are open to public access, particularly private roads.  Please contact the Douglas County GIS Department for information on specific roads.


The Atlas was last updated March, 2010.

NOTE: As some of the maps below are large, you might need to save them to your local pc, and then open and view them from there. To do this, right-click on the download link, you will see a popup window. Within this window, click on Save Target As (or Save Link As)... You will then see the 'Save As' window. Make sure to remember (or change) the location where the file will be saved on your local machine. You will need to be able to locate it once the download is complete in order to open and view it. Click on the Save button.

Follow these links to the new Douglas County Road Atlas:

Douglas County Road Atlas (105.5mb)

Map Pages Index
(The Map Pages Index has links to individual map pages available for download.)

Road Atlas Legend

Road Atlas Indexes – Roads, Public Buildings/Emergency Facilities, & Schools