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Douglas County Statistics
38,500 Population
1,821 Sq. Miles
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Welcome to the official site of Douglas County, Washington!

  • Dust Problems?

    Spring brings wind, and wind brings blowing dust. Land owners, contractors and citizens can do their part to help alleviate problems this time of year. The Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE), which regulates air quality in Douglas County, recommends that areas that have been excavated be watered, that piles of dirt be covered, and re-vegetation take place as soon as possible. Ecology has useful information available via the Internet:

    Outdoor Dust Information
    Techniques for Dust Prevention

    If you are experiencing a dust problem, talk with the landowner before calling the Department of Ecology. Many times a friendly call corrects the problem. If you donít know who owns the property, you can call the County Assessorís office at 754-8521 or go to the Assessorís Internet homepage and look it up. If talking to the landowner doesnít help, you can call the DOE Yakima office at (509) 575-2490 and ask for the ďair quality complaint tracker.Ē

  • The Wenatchee Valley Stormwater Technical Advisory Committee is pleased to offer a series of three webcasts on stormwater management; More Information . . .

  • Constituents are now able to use their VISA, MasterCard and Discover credit cards for payment of application and permit fees at the Department of Transportation and Land Services.  Payments must be made at the department’s reception counter.  The payment service has been arranged through a third-party vendor also used by the Treasurer’s office, which charges a service fee of 2.55% or $3.95, whichever is greater.

  • Volunteer Commission and Board Application

  • The Douglas County GIS Department is pleased to announce that our Road Atlas for Douglas County has been updated. Our Atlas includes roads, private parcel ownerships, public lands, airports, cities & towns, townships & sections, water features, special interest features such as public buildings, schools, & cemeteries, and some recreational features.

  • For information about construction or development applications.

  • Download and complete our Address Request Form if you need to change your property's address or obtain a new address (ie: for new construction).

  • For information about which County Commissioner District and Voting Precinct you reside in, check out our maps for Douglas County and the Greater East Wenatchee Area.

  • Douglas County road maps are available for sale at the front counter of the Transportation & Land Services Building located in East Wenatchee. They are also available for free as a PDF on the TLS page under “Reference Maps”. Then click County Road Map or Greater East Wenatchee Area Roads Map.

  • Parcel Search is available online.

    Disclaimer: While this information is intended to be accurate, any manifest errors are unintentional and subject to correction. Please feel free to contact us about any errors you discover and we will try to correct them as soon as possible. Phone (509) 745-8521 or email the Assessor.

  • Looking for information on our area? Visit the Chelan Douglas Trends website.

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